PayPal Subscription Sign-Up Step By Step

Post date: Dec 01, 2012 4:39:18 AM

Buyers Choose a Way to Pay

PayPal displays a billing information/log-in page, which lets buyers enter their credit card information to sign up. Buyers with PayPal accounts log in to sign up.

Figure 3. Buyers Enter Billing Information to Sign Up by Credit Card

In this case, Bob does not have a PayPal account. He enters his billing information. He also enters his contact information – email address and home phone number– so that PayPal can send him a PayPal transaction receipt and can contact him if necessary to complete the transaction. Then, he clicks the Continue button.

Buyers who already have PayPal accounts click the PayPal radio button near the top of the billing information page in order to sign up. The page changes to let them log in to PayPal.

Figure 4. Buyers with PayPal Accounts Log in To Sign Up

Buyers Review Their Payment Details

PayPal displays a payment review page to let buyers check the details of their automatic payment plans before they complete their agreements.

Figure 5. Buyers Review Payment Details Before They Sign Up

In this case, Bob reviews the details of his subscription and recurring payments. Then, he clicks the Pay button to complete his signup for the subscription.

Buyers View and Print Payment Confirmations

PayPal displays a payment confirmation page to let buyers know that they checked out successfully.

Figure 6. Buyers View and Print Their Payment Confirmations

In this case, Bob prints the confirmation page for his records.