Smart Display Installation Instructions

Post date: Feb 01, 2014 9:3:10 PM

Thank you for purchasing our Smart Display VESA Kit! Please follow the instructions to set up your VESA kit. If you have any question please call us at 718-690-7653 or email us at or visit our web site at

1. Remove the brown protection paper from the front and back panel, clean the surface

2. Place the VESA kit front panel on a soft surface with inner layer face up, then place the tablet. on top of the front panel and align the screen properly before placing the back panel on top of it.

3. Put screws on the VESA kit if they are security screws then use the screw drive comes with it, once all the screws on, take up the VESA kit and shake it a little bit to make sure the tablet seated properly and tight.

4. Now the VESA kit is ready to use for any standard VESA 100x100mm mounting arm, if you also purchased the DESKTOP STAND from us then put the VESA kit back to the soft surface and the back panel face up to see the 4 VESA screw sockets

5. You can set up the VESA desktop stand as portrait and landscape mode, for the landscape mode you have choices of two different heights. Put the Stand on top of the VESA kit and put the four screws on.

6. There are magnets on the base of stand which allow it seat on the metal surface( like cash drawer )more stable, or you can use the slot on the bottom of the stand to fix it with bolt and washer on table