Swivel EZ Stand Installation Guide

Post date: Dec 30, 2016 6:54:37 PM

EZ Tablet Kiosk Stand Installation Guide

    1. The EZ Stand comes with one front panel, one back panel, 8 security screws, one screwdriver, one round swivel base with 3M VHB tape, and one locking cap.

    1. Place the front panel on a smooth surface and properly sit the tablet within the alignment pegs, apply the back pane on top of the tablet and lock the security screws with bundled screw driver.

    2. Make sure the tablet is placed at the right position where you can access the power, volume, headset jack, and charge port easily.

    1. To secure the stand on a tabletop, first fix the round locking base(with the 3M VHB tape at bottom) on the surface of the tabletop, then align the stand’s round locking slot to the base to it, then apply the locking cap on top and secure it by 3 security screws. This setup will allow you to swivel the stand on the table.

    2. To fix the stand without swiveling function just apply the bundled double-sided adhesive pad to the bottom of the stand, or use one to two screws to fix it through the locking holes(5mm)

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