75mm VESA Wall Mount Installation Guide

Post date: Apr 18, 2017 4:2:0 AM

TABcare Security Tablet Wall Mount Kit Installation Guide

    1. The TABcare Tablet Wall Mount kit comes with one VESA enclosure and one VESA wall mount kit.

    2. The 75mm x 75mm VESA Wall Mount kit includes one Wall piece, one VESA piece, one M4x10 security screw, one screwdriver, four drywall anchors, four self-drilling screws, and four M4x6 Phillips screws.

    1. First, place the front panel of the VESA enclosure on a smooth surface and properly sit the tablet within the alignment pegs, apply the back pane of the VESA enclosure on top of the tablet and lock the security screws with bundled screwdriver.

    2. Make sure the tablet is placed at the right position where you can access the power, volume, headset jack, and charge port easily.

    1. Decide the display mode – portrait or landscape you want to use, align the four VESA holes (75x75 mm) on the VESA enclosure to the equivalent VESA holes on the VESA piece then fix them together by the bundled four M4x6 Phillips screws.

    2. Install the wall piece on the wall by using a Level tool. Fixing the wall piece depends on the loading weight, you can apply foure or two self-drilling screws.

    1. Slide the VESA enclosure into the wall piece by aligning the holes to the guides on top of wall piece. To secure the enclosure, apply the security screw at the bottom of the wall mount kit by using the bundled security screwdriver.

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