Quick Notes for Line Item (available on 1.46 or later)

Post date: Jul 11, 2014 8:57:26 AM

Now without creating a "option group", you can easily add a quick note under each line item, even with the price adjustment function.

The "Quick Notes" function button can be found at the bottom of the line item edit window -

Click at the "quick Notes" bar, a "quick Notes" edit window will replace the option items display window, just click at the action buttons on the left and item buttons on the right you want to add to the line item description. For example - "No Onion", you need to select the "no" and "onion" button, (the selected buttons color will be switched to heavy) and then click at "+" button to add this comment(note) to the line item description. you can always un-select the buttons by clicking at them again. Click at "<" button will bring you back to original edit window.

Whatever notes you added to the line item will be appended to the line item description, if there is "price adjustment", the adjusted price will be the new price for the line item.

Click at "OK" to finish the line item editing, you will see the line item description and price has been updated -

To create and edit the Quick Note contents, you will need to go to the "Settings" then select "Database" tab, there is a section named "Update Speed Options", click at the pen icon to enter.

For the quick options(notes), there are two type of notes - action(verb) and item(noun), you can click at the tabs on the left side to see the detail listing. Click at "New Option" button the the top right to create new note(option), to edit the current notes just click at their name.

There are four fields for each note -

1. Name: the name of the note

2. Type: Action(Verb) or Item(Noun)

3. Adjust: the adjustment amount once this note has been selected, only apply to "item" note not "action" note. The adjustment value will be shown on the button (after the name)

4. Priority: higher priority notes will be displayed before the lower priority notes