Smart Display for iPad User's Manual

Post date: Feb 10, 2014 5:44:7 AM

The Smart Display is an add-on iPad App for the POS IN CLOUD system , it offers the electronic menu, orders status dashboard, slideshow, video play and web page browse functions. This is a FREE App compatible with Apple iPad and iPad mini with iOS 5.0 or higher.

Smart Display for iPad Control Panel

The menu mode allows the user to browse all the available items under the POS IN CLOUD store, they are categorized and displayed by row, each item has its name, description, price and picture.

Menu Mode Example

The Slideshow mode plays the feature pictures which selected from the store or reference to the internet images which give you the real time update feature without manually change the settings.

slideshow mode (landscape style)

The Video mode allow the iPad playing the video you assigned repeatedly. The video can be uploaded or an video has internet URL.

video mode (portrait style)

The Web Page mode switch your web site into a App-like application, user can only allow browse under your own site no navigation bar to access other web site.

web page mode

------ System Setup Instructions ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The very first time you open the App, the Set Up(Settings) Page will be brought up to ask for the basic settings, it is OK to run the three different display modes without changing anything, however, there are just demo materials for you to learn how it works.

Set Up page need to know -

#1. The yellow Navigation button allow you to jump to the display mode you want.

#2. Create and update password for the Kiosk Settings Page, this is very important feature for the Kiosk App since you do not want everybody can change your settings or contents.

#3.Slideshow Mode : Here you can upload and manage the pictures for slideshow

#4. Video Mode : Here you can assign the video you want to play

#5. Web Page Mode : To lock the iPad to specified web site, it works just like your web site is an iPad App

6. Guide Access : The instructions to set up the iPad works at "Guide Access" mode

7. Security Enclosures : To secure the iPad on the desktop or wall, you will need the security enclosure

8. About Us :

--------------- Menu Bar ---------------------------------------------

The top menu bar shown during the individual setup screen -

System Settings - back to setup home screen

Web Page - jump to specified web page

Slideshow - jump to slideshow

Video - jump to video play mode

Home - return to home page during "Web Page" operation

6. HELP - open the user's manual

The pop-out menu icons (on top) can be found during the playing modes when user touch the screen

Jump to slideshow mode

switch to video mode

switch to Web Page mode

------------- Slideshow Setup Screen ----------------------------------------------

Update and add new pictures for the slideshow here, you can change the settings of the slideshow as well.

Slideshow Type - Fading, sliding in

Sliding Direction - Horizontal and vertical

Duration - each slide display time, with choices : 4 seconds(default), 8, 15 and 30 seconds

menu links - allow user to see the links when touch the screen

To add a new picture to the slideshow list -

You can enter the URL of the image on internet or upload the picture from local photo gallery

------------ Video Setup Screen ------------------------------------------------------

The only video format allowed - MP4

menu links - allow user to see the links when touch the screen

video select - pick one of the video to play from the list

To add a new video to the video list

You can enter the URL of the video on the internet or upload a video file on local file library.

------------ Web Page Setup Screen -------------------------------------------

URL To Display - the URL of the Web Page you want to display

Show Top Menu - YES/NO

Menu Links - settings, slideshow, video