CRM is Here!

Post date: Jan 25, 2013 3:49:24 AM

A new CRM(Customers Relationship Management) module has been added to the POS IN CLOUD(version 1.12), now you can manage your customers easily on the portal or the App itself!

Click at the "Rolodex" icon button to enter the CRM page, you can see more customers listing by scrolling down the page. Use the search bar to filter the listing.

The CRM page has been categorized by "ID", "NAME", "PHONE","EMAIL", "CITY","STATE" and "ZIP" which make user easy to search.

A search bar on top can auto refresh the view while you are typing

To view or edit customer detail information by clicking at the board. To add a new customer just click at "New Customer" button. The name is the only field can not be empty, all other fields are optional. The "ID" field will auto generate by App or you can define your own ID by overwrite it, however, a unique ID is required. The "Reward" and "Credit" fields are maintained by system can not be manually update. To add the credit a credit request activity need to be activated.

To associate the order with customer, just click at the header of the order and enter the customer ID on the customer field, or just click at "?" beside the customer field, you can browse the customers listing and just click at the customer board to associate with the order. If no customer record found, just click at "New Customer" to create one.

The Windows 8 version has "Look Ahead"(Auto-complete) capability while doing customer id typing. For iOS and Android you will need to click at "?" to filter search.

The CRM system supports customer cash/gift credit and reward/bonus points. In order to use the Reward program, the system setting has to be updated

There are two type of reward system, one is reward by the purchased amount, the other is reward by the purchased quantity.

Once the Reward system is on, you still need to specify the items you want to join the reward program. This can be done by going to item management -

under the "reward" fiels, you can specify this item - NO (default), YES (1X), DOUBLE(2X) or Triple(3X) reward points.

Once the REWARD system is on, all the customers purchasing records and reward points will be updated automatically.

Customers now can pay the purchase by using their credit points -

A Password is required if the password field is assigned, customer can either enter the password from the front keypad or just scan his/her NFC card to complete the transaction.

Alarm will pop up if there is no enough fund or no customer record found!