Smart Display Acrylic Dock Station for iPad 2/3/4 & Air Installation Guide

Post date: Apr 24, 2014 8:58:47 AM

The Smart Display Dock Station for iPad comes with

  1. bottom base

  2. front cover

  3. four security screws

  4. one security screw drive

  5. four cushion pads (optional)

  6. one cushion plate (for iPad Air)

  7. two plugs (for iPad Air)

The cushion plate is for iPad Air only, put it on the bottom base and install the two plugs which are used to align the vertical position for iPad Air, remove them if you are using the dock station for iPad 2, 3 or 4th generation.The slots for the power cord are used when you need to route the power cord through the center hole of the base or through the top of the base.

If the iPad is very easy to shift after fixing the screws, then you can consider applying the cushion pads on the bottom base for iPad to compensate the height of the device.

You can route the power cord to the top open slot or the middle hole of the dock base.

Guided Access Mode - Disable the HOME Button

If you want to disable the HOME button without physically blocking the button then remember to turn on the "Guided Access" mode under iPad settings, for more information you can reference here.