About Us

Founded in 2000 and based in New York city, Auctions411 has been offering the best online software solutions for small and medium businesses in all over the world. As the mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are getting popular, our Mobile Business division are helping our customers to port their services on most major mobile platforms like  Apple iOS, Google Android, and MS Windows 8.

Migrating Your Apps to the Cloud !  

Migrating your applications to the cloud? We can help! No matter Amazon EC2, Google Apps or LotusLive, our professional service will make your transactions without pain! 

   Auctions411 is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller 
   Auctions411 is a PayPal Certified Developer   
    Auctions411 is Googlel Qualified Developer 

Auctions411 is a Lotus/IBM Advanced Business Partner 

     Auctions411 is an eBay Certified Developer